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Italia In Classe is an awareness and educational campaign about energy efficiency (as well as energy saving and renewable energies).
Public body ENEA and the Italian Ministry of the Environment commissioned this campaign to ISIA Roma Design and Vertigo Design studio, while I was doing an internship at the studio.
The campaign project was developed by a team of four members and it involved every aspect of the campaign: from digital to print, and the implementation of a fair booth.

The first phase was about the logo selection and was carried out in three different moments, starting from more than 25 logos. Once the most suitable logo had been identified with the client’s participation, we worked to create a coordinated marketing campaign. We selected some images and elaborated them in order to design flyers, brochures and posters.
We also took care of Power Point presentations, as well as the website layout and the newsletter template.
All the elements were consistently designed, using the same colours and shades, and playing with the inclination of the logo’s lines and shapes.

The campaign is now active in Italy.



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